Sell Your Car!

The Way We Work:

Our buying or consigning program is designed to keep our clients completely comfortable and completely transparent throughout the entire experience. We can sell your car for you where you are kept informed and in control or we can buy your car, motorcycle or entire collection from you for a price that you are comfortable with. Either way, your car or collection will get sold. Email or call us today: (203) 335-4643
• For our consigners, we charge only 10% commission.
• If there is work to be done to your car before it goes up for sale we can discuss what it needs and get it ready to be sold for you at a minimal cost in our restoration facility.
• If you don’t know what your car is worth, we can give you an accurate evaluation of what we think it can be sold for in today’s market.
•We want to buy or consign cars in all conditions from completely unrestored barn fresh condition or even partially restored.
•We have a large restoration facility to take on any car in any condition.

The Best and Most Experienced in the Business

     Over 50 years of collecting, buying, restoring, and selling many of the worlds most significant motorcars and entire collections with some of the hobby’s most significant collectors, and still today with the world’s current leading collectors. Even some of the greatest automotive museums have bought and sold cars with us, including the Henry Ford Museum.

     We buy entire collections or just individual cars. From famous prewar and postwar European and American racing and sports cars to big classic and brass era road cars and even prewar and postwar motorcycles, we have had it all. Offering cars to all age groups from one end of the car collecting spectrum to the other. Numerous Pebble Beach award winning and best of show winning cars have been found and sold by us as well.

     This is where the greatest cars have been and come to this day. Most of the time we sell great cars before we have time to even get them on our website. Others claim to be the best consignment program, but we have sold cars in just a few hours after consigning them. So, if you are wanting to sell your car call or email us and we can accommodate you better than anyone else.

We are looking for great cars to buy, sell or restore!

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