Our 66,000 square foot facility contains a restoration shop that is unlike any other. We have the talent, knowledge, equipment and most importantly the experience to restore, preserve and maintain brass era cars, classic era cars, pre and postwar European sports cars and many more. We offer the full range of services including machining, wood work, paint and body work, panel making, Upholstery, a large research library, and sales and brokerage services. We perform body off restorations, preservation of unrestored original cars, and seasonal maintenance services. We also offer storage, Concours and rally support as well as rare parts sourcing.  Our restoration facility is made up of 30 of the greatest craftsman and technicians sourced from all over the world making sure the work performed on your car is the best there is.


Upholstery can make or break a restoration, so its important to have an interior or convertible top that is made to correct specifications. Our upholsterers have been upholstering great motorcars for over 40 years, and have worked on everything from vintage Ferraris to Packards to Delahayes and Bugattis and muscle cars of the 1960’s and hot rods of the 1950’s with tuck and roll interiors, our upholsters have done it all. They are also incredibly good at diamond tufting in Brass era motorcars which is very difficult and seldom done properly by other shops.


For over 40 years Dragone Classic Motorcars has owned and worked on almost every make and type of car there is including the most exotic and unique cars in the world. Our Mechanical experts and technicians are well seasoned and experienced and can rebuild any engine or give your car the mechanical attention it deserves. Every car and every situation is different, but we are capable of rebuilding your entire engine back to factory specifications and tolerances or fine tuning your car for high speed vintage racing. We have worked on everything from a simple Ford to twelve cylinder Ferraris to prewar Bugatti’s and Alfa Romeos. Our incredible mechanics paired with the talents of the rest of our team takes our services and capabilities to a higher level than anywhere else.

Metal Work

Over the life of an old car things get changed, updated and sometimes just plain worn out. This is why having skilled and experienced metal fabricators is a must in a proper restoration shop such as ours. The metal fabrication experts that we have here have been working in our shop in some cases for over 30 years and have endless capabilities in terms of metal fabrication. Many prewar cars are framed in wood, but then skinned in aluminum or sheet metal, many times fenders have been changed or lost etc..and we have the skill and ability to bring these cars back to how they were originally. Our metal fabricators are the best in the world. 

Machine Work

The ability to create parts that no longer exist is an essential tool in being able to restore exotic collector cars. Our machine shop and machinists are some of the most seasoned, experienced and talented in the world. We have a large assortment of machines including a Pullmax machine, multiple Bridgeport machines etc. Our machine shop is precise and efficient and with their talent and accuracy brings our capabilities and restorations to a higher level than the rest.


Body work is extremely important when restoring a car. Its not just about how straight the car looks, but it needs to be equally as straight under the paint as on the outside. To be considered good bodywork by our standards the metalwork needs to be properly straightened before any paint related bodywork can be completed. We use minimal amounts of body filler in our shop as it is often misused in other shops to make up for the lack of skill to straighten a panel or an entire car without it. Our facility is equipped with a top of the line state of the art downdraft pressurized paint booth which really makes our paint work over the top and keeps our outside surroundings environmentally safe and clean.


Wood work is another essential capability for the restoring of great collector cars, especially exotic prewar cars. Many cars of the prewar era have bodies that are framed in wood, both American and European, so having skilled woodworkers with tremendous amounts of experience is a huge asset to our restoration facility. We have a few wood workers that come to us from all over the world, even from previous restoration companies such as the late Phil Hill’s restoration shop Hill and Vaughn. Our wood workers are prepared to take on the most complicated and exotic cars in need of wood restoration.