1972 Land Rover 88 Series III

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VIN: 25900489A     Engine: 4cyl. OHV     Transmission: Manual

The Land Rover is one of the most iconic off road vehicles ever created. Stemming from the aftermath of WWII and large demand for light utility vehicles for farming and agricultural use. Most likely inspired by the Willys Jeep during WWII, the British company, Rover, introduced the new Series 1 Land Rover at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor show where it was received very well. Fast forwarding to 1967, the Series IIA was introduced which closely resembled its original form of the Series I, but more refined and considered to be the most well built and stout of all the early Series model Land Rovers with a more powerful 2.25 liter 4 cylinder OHV engine, redesigned 4 wheel drive transmission and a few cosmetic design changes. The Series II and IIA are also the most iconic being in countless Safari movies throughout the 1960's and even in a few current films. With the introduction of the Series III there were very few changes from the Series IIA. Late in the series IIA production the headlights were moved to the outside on the front of the fenders and with the Series III the biggest change was the grill is made of plastic. Land Rover is one of the few brands still existing today where its current models still use design cues and attributes that stay true to its original design and identity. 

The 1972 Series III offered here is a good original example that would make a great fun vehicle for the beach or daily driver. Just out of a local estate here in Connecticut, it comes with a full hard top that is removable for top off driving. It has been treated to one repaint and the front seat has been reupholstered, but otherwise it is an original truck. A restoration was started, but never fully finished so there a few odds and ends that should be put back on such as the fender lights and interior door panels (which are included with the truck). Mechanically it runs and drives fine and will be treated to a general service for its next owner. Overall it's a great Series III that can be enjoyed in all seasons, winter fun or top off beach cruising. Contact us today for more information.