1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia

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VIN: 2312143513     Engine: 1.6L 4 Cyl.     Horsepower: 60HP     Transmission: Manual

Introduced in 1937, the Volkswagen, also known as "The Peoples Car" was designed by famed automotive engineer and designer Ferdinand Porsche and was to become one of the most successful and recognizable cars of the 20th century. A very durable and affordable design the Volkswagen was offered initially as the Type 1 Beetle with a 1200cc air cooled flat four engine. Post WWII the Type 2 Bus was introduced and was used for a variety of private, public and commercial purposes based on the same chassis as the Type 1. The Bus was an instant hit and became an instant cult classic that will forever be cherished by car enthusiasts. The design stayed very true to its original form, but being updated through its 28 year run. Its last version being the second generation Type 2 introduced in 1967 which are distinctive in the way they look with a one piece windshield and smaller sealed beam headlights, but being upgraded to a 12 volt electrical system and the more powerful 1600cc engine. They also offered a camper in the second generation which was very well thought out and very popular amongst Volkswagen enthusiasts. 

This Type 2 Westfalia camper bus is a very rare and unique bird indeed being owned by just one family its entire life and having just over 20,000 original miles from new! Sold new in 1971 through the Volkswagen dealer in Westport, Connecticut, "The Small Car Company", to its owner in Weston, Connecticut where it would remain until today. Complete with all of its original books, service records documenting services at Volkswagen through its 15,000 mile service, and its original tools. It also still retains all of its original linens stored in the rear compartment. The interior is like brand new and retains all of its original components including its original refrigerator, sink, pop up camper roof and cot which still retains its original fringe on the outside for that touch of 1970's style. On the outside of the bus it is covered with decals and stickers from its memories and travels with its original owner. Everything from old Lime Rock Park decals to old Volkswagen stickers and even some flower power decals in there somewhere. The original Small Car Company license plate frame is still on the bus! This is an absolute oddity and certainly stands out wherever it goes. Its extremely hard to find such a low mileage VW bus, especially one with only one owner since new. The stickers on the outside of the bus could always be taken off, but we believe they should remain not only because they make the bus even more unique than it already is, but because they are part of its history and identoty. If you are looking for a unique low mileage camper bus, this is the own for you. Its fascinating and really wonderful. Contact us for more information today! 
Asking: $30,000