1962 Triumph TR4

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The TR2 was the first true post-war Triumph sports car. It was superseded in 1955 by the TR3 and finally the TR4, which signaled the end of the era of open side curtain cars and the beginnings of a new era of a Triumph with not just performance and style, but with all the comforts of a luxury car. A completely new body featured roll-up windows, and while the purists howled, everyone else rejoiced. Another modern convenience was, for the first time, a proper boot. Chassis and drivetrain were little changed, with the most important updates being a synchromesh first gear, rack-and-pinion steering and an engine with slightly more power. The cumulative effect of the changes was quite dramatic. The TR4 was a car that could be used every day. The motorcar offered is an exquisite example of the driver friendly and stylish TR4. Just out of a private collection, this car has been well taken care of. Finished in red with a black interior, this car screams style. It also features wire wheels which really gives the car a proper British sports car look. All of the bright work is like brand new and the engine compartment is clean and tidy. Power for the TR4 comes from a 100 horsepower, 2,138 cc OHV inline four-cylinder engine with dual SU carburetors paired with a four-speed manual gearbox making the driving experience of this car a real thrill. With this car’s beautiful restoration, wood dashboard, roll up windows and classic British sports car style, any collector or someone looking for a reliable, practical and stylish sports car would be proud to own this car.


Engine: 2,138 cc OHV inline four-cylinder engine

Horsepower: 100 HP

Transmission: Dual SU carburetors, 4-speed manual