1962 Chevrolet Corvette Fuel Injected

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Chassis # 20867S103353

Rare Fuel Injection

Excellent Restoration

Recently Serviced

The Chevrolet Corvette is widely recognized as an American icon in sports car history.  Born in 1953 as one of Harley Earl’s projects at General Motors, the Corvette has become a chapter of automotive history all by itself.  In the present day, it has become a highly refined sports car that is capable of awe inspiring performance, but long before the day of the Z06 or the ZR1, the Corvette was a simplistic roadster that offered stellar performance in a great package.  When GM offered a V-8 for the Corvette in 1955, performance jumped a notch and the Corvette became a fierce competitor on the track.  The 1962 Corvette featured here is the last year of the first generation and as such represents the ultimate in refinement for the earliest models.  Quite simply it’s a car that runs as strong as it looks.

The 1962 Corvette offered here was the subject of a frame up restoration that has returned it to like-new condition and this is a Corvette that could serve as a benchmark of authenticity.  A close look from any angle reveals a highly detailed frame and engine compartment that carries a factory-like appearance.  Power for this Corvette comes from Chevrolet’s 327 cubic-inch V-8 fitted with optional fuel-injection, which was a $484 option back in 1962.  Most impressive is the attractive color of red with a white top and black interior.  The overall fit and finish of this outstanding car is something that has to be closely inspected to be fully appreciated. Inspected by Corvette experts, this car is a fully authentic fuel injected Corvette. Full authenticity analysis report comes with the car, and is also available here.

The 1962 Corvette is a timeless design that represents a unique era in automotive styling.  This Corvette’s performance, dedication to authenticity, and tasteful color combination makes it an outstanding addition to any collector car collection.  The collector world of Corvettes is one of precision and authenticity and this Corvette is a car that does not disappoint in its attention to both.  With its attractive color and correct restoration it is a car that truly demonstrates the unique history and heritage of America’s most famous sports car.


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VIN: 20867S103353

Engine: 327ci V-8 Fuel Injected

Horsepower: 360HP

Transmission: 4-Speed Manual