1934 Packard Twelve 2/4 Coupe

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VIN: 738-12     Engine: Flathead V-12     Horsepower: 160HP     Transmission: 3 Speed Manual

The Eleventh series Packard Twelve offered here is style number 738, the 2/4 passenger coupe on the 1107 chassis. In 1934, Packard's styling department drastically chopped the roof height from the previous year giving the '34 coupe a low and sleek look, certainly inspired by LeBaron. The coupe was popular when new, but like many great closed cars of this time period, they just did not survive. According to Packard historians, only eight authentic examples exist today. 

This car, number 738-12 is an outstanding authentic 1934 Twelve coupe that retains its original body, chassis and engine. The restoration is very well executed and done very accurately to an extremely high level. The paint, chrome, upholstery, wood graining on dash, engine detail and chassis detail are so well finished, the car is comparable to a piece of jewelry. It is believed to have been sold new through Packard of Boston, Massachusetts and later acquired by collector Ronald A. Siff of Worcester, Massachusetts. Mr. Siff completely restored the car in time for the Classic Car Club of America Grand Classic in 1991 where it was awarded 100 points. It was then sold to another well known collector, Sonny Abagnale of New Jersey. Mr. Abagnale owned the car for a few years and again passing the car on to it last owner, and another great collector, Mr. Frank Ricciardelli also of New Jersey. Today the car is on offer for the first time in many years and is a chance to own an outstanding and very seldom seen 1934 Packard Twelve coupe. 
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Asking: $350,000