1931 Cadillac 370A V-12 Roadster

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VIN: 1003333     Engine: Cadillac V-12     Horsepower: 135HP     Transmission: Manual

 The most exotic American classic era cars; the Marmon sixteen, the Duesenberg Model J/SJ, the Stutz DV32, the Packard Twelve and of course the Cadillac V-16 and V-12 were designed and created during the largest depression the world would ever see during the 20th century. Despite the hurting economy, these really were the best cars these companies would ever create. For General Motors, the Cadillac V-12 and V-16's were a masterpiece. 

       Early in 1930 Cadillac introduced the V-16, the world's first cataloged 16 cylinder which had two overhead valves per cylinder, operated by the world's first hydraulic lifters. Forty-five degree cylinders and a dual-plane crank ran in five main bearings. It was also the first engine to be officially "styled"; Art & Color actually sculpted clay models in a mocked-up chassis. The V12, announced in July 1930, was essentially the V16 with the first two and last two cylinders removed, and the bore increased from three inches to three and an eighth. With their common four-inch stroke, the V12 displaced 370 cubic inches to the V16's 452. Its "styling" was virtually identical. The V16 produced 160 horsepower and the V12 135 hp, both at 3400 rpm; maximum torque was 330 lb-ft and 284 lb-ft, both at 1200. Both engines could cruise effortlessly at 4000 rpm. At the GM Proving Grounds, a V12 was only 7 mph slower to the V16's 90-mph top speed. Handling and drivability was also a bit more nimble and sporty compared to the V-16 really making the V-12 more of a sports car giving it the best of both worlds and making it one of the best and most exotic American sports cars built during the classic period. 
    This car, one of only 10 genuine 1931 Cadillac V12 roadsters still in existence today, is one of the very best with a lovely restoration. A very original roadster with all of its proper and original numbers and parts, included with a GM heritage build sheet to boot solidifying that this is a very unquestionable original V12 roadster. Most importantly, it retains its original roadster body with all of its original wood still intact including its original sills with its original Fleetwood body stamp and numbers. According to the GM heritage build sheet, #1003333 was delivered on May 21, 1931 to the Detroit branch to the order of the Cadillac Motor Car Company. It is believed that it was used for auto show purposes and then later returned on July 1, 1931 for sale according to its "Returned for Credit" stamp on the build sheet. Later the car ended up in a private collection in the midwest for many years eventually making its way to the Deangelis collection in Connecticut where it also remained for many years until our recent acquisition. Restored just a short time ago, it is in stunning condition, restored back to better than new condition with all the proper details. Mechanically it is in perfect running and driving condition. A car that can be driven on Classic car club caravans or shown at the most prestigious concours shows in the world, this genuine V12 roadster is the best of its kind. 
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