1930 Ford Model A Phaeton

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Offered here is a very nice example of a 1930 Ford Model A phaeton. The model A was the model that brought Ford into the modern age following the 18 year run of the Model T. While the Model A engine is very similar in design to a Model T, it has more horsepower, a traditional water pump and a 3 speed manual transmission unlike the model T which had a thermosiphon cooling system and a 2 speed planetary transmission. The Model A was another successful design by Ford that is extremely reliable and just overall a great design. Among the many model A's produced, the open roadsters and phaetons are the most desirable and certainly the most hard to come by, especially the phaetons as they had a much lower production than the roadsters and closed cars. 

Offered here is a very nice example of a 1930 Model A phaeton. 1930 and 1931 Model A's are the sleekest looking out of the four years these cars were produced with their redesigned stainless grille shell and longer and sleeker looking front fenders, these were the best of the "As." This particular phaeton is in very good condition. Most importantly the body is in great condition with great door fit, nice paint and a freshly rebuilt engine and transmission. It runs and drives incredibly well and shows even better. The upholstery and top are also in very good condition. This is an antique car that you can get in and drive and not have to worry about because it is so reliable and parts are readily available. Out of all the Model A's, the 1930-1931 phaetons are among the hardest to find and the most fun to have because the top goes down and you have room for friends and family. If you are looking for a Model A, or an antique car of this era, this is one that certainly should be considered. 
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VIN: A3521223

Engine: 3.3L 4-Cylinder

Horsepower: 40 HP

Transmission: 3-Speed Manual