1923 Locomobile Model 48 Touring

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VIN: 18366     Engine: 525 cu.in. T Head 6 Cylinder     Horsepower: 95HP     Transmission: 4 Speed Manual

Locomobile prided themselves as being the greatest car built in America during the early days of motoring and it was absolutely true. Locomobile, built in Bridgeport, Connecticut was really the Rolls Royce of the United States. Always a high quality car from the very beginning, Locomobile was very successful early on and after WWI. With many racing victories, most notably the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup, it became one of the most well known luxury motorcars in the world. In 1912, the six cylinder Model 48 was introduced and became Locomobile's most successful model almost until its very end in 1929. With Locomobile's signature cast bronze crankcase, huge 525 cubic inch T-head six cylinder engine and a 4 speed gearbox, the Model 48 was one of the greatest and most powerful early motorcars ever made. 

This 1923 Model 48 touring is an outstanding car that has been well preserved throughout its existence and is just out of a very long time ownership in Virginia. Wearing an old restoration, the car gives a wonderful feel that only time and originality can give. The restoration that was done on this car was performed very well restoring it very correctly getting all the right details and using all original parts. Finished in dark maroon with black fenders, this model 48 is really stunning. Mechanically it was just treated to a service including a safety check, carburetor rebuild and fuel system cleaning. The six cylinder T-head engine runs very smoothly and the 4 speed transmission shifts as it should. The overall condition of this car shows that it does not have very many miles on it since it rolled out of the Locomobile factory in 1923 here in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It's nice to see this car make its journey back home to Connecticut where it began almost 100 years ago. If you are looking for a great model 48, than this car, being as original as it is and as nice and it is should be considered.