1914 Stanley Steamer 606 Roadster

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VIN: 7645     Engine: Steam Engine     HP: 10HP     Transmission: Contact for details

Twin brothers Francis and Freelan Stanley built their first steam-powered car in 1897 in Watertown, Massachusetts and sold more than 200 by 1899, making them the most successful U.S. automaker at the time. They sold the design to Locomobile in 1899 and, three years later, founded the Stanley Motor Carriage Co. The Stanley steamer is the most recognizable steam car to this day and are the most reliable and well designed steam cars ever built. Although steam power for the automobile fell out of favor, it was still a very efficient and very powerful way to propel the automobile. In 1906, the Stanley Rocket achieved 127 MPH driven by Fred Marriott and one year later at Ormand Beach, Florida it achieved 150 MPH. 

This particular Stanley offered here is one of the most original untouched Stanley Steamers to exist today with known history since new. This is a 1914 Model 606 roadster that has been off the road since 1949 (still wearing its 1949 Connecticut license plates). The model 606 is the last of the "coffin nose" Stanley's before the transition to a more modern nose offered later. It is a 10 horsepower model, but a late 10 horse which has a much larger boiler giving it a lot more power then the earlier 10 horse cars. 
Sold new in 1914 to the Fodor family of Norwalk, Connecticut through the Stanley Steamer dealer located in Norwalk, Connecticut. The car was driven leisurely until 1949 when it was stored away in the Fodor family carriage house where it would remain until 1993 when Manny Dragone discovered the car still in the carriage house and still in Norwalk, CT where it had been for its entire existence. It was then sold to a well known Connecticut collector where it has remained in the same condition since then. It is an absolutely amazing original Stanley that has never left Connecticut. There are more Stanley's that exist today than there were 30 years ago, so to find one as original as this is almost unheard of. Although it has not been run since 1949 the car is very untouched and looks to be in very good mechanical condition and really wouldn't take much to get it back in running order. Original Stanley's just did not survive and this is a chance to own a pure original 606 roadster with known provenance since new and publicly offered for sale for the first time since 1914.