1905 Rambler Type 1 Surrey

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VIN: 5420     Engine: 235ci Twin cylinder opposed      Horsepower: 18HP      Transmission: 2 Speed Planetary Manual with Reverse

As many early automobile manufacturers came to be, Thomas Jefferey and his Rambler got their start in the Bicycle business, the Gormully and Jeffery Rambler actually being the second best selling bicycle in the 1890's. As the automobile became more prominent more people began to create their own unique designs and few were really successful, but Thomas Jefferey made a successful transition into the automotive scene. Introduced in Chicago and New York City in 1902 the Rambler was one of many new auto manufacturers that year, but was received extremely well from the very beginning. The initial design being only a one cylinder with a tiller and actually introduced without a name, but the public loved it anyway likely due to the great reputation of Jefferey's famed Rambler bicycle. Even without a name the press referred to Jeffery's new car as the Rambler so the name stuck. Jefferey manufactured his cars in Kenosha, Wisconsin and in 1905 the Type 1 was introduced becoming one of Ramblers most successful models and one of the largest two cylinder cars ever produced with power from its two cylinder apposed engine with a 5 inch bore and a 5 1/2 inch stroke! 

Offered here is an outstandingly well preserved original 1905 Rambler Type 1 Surrey with known history back to new in 1905. This Rambler is most likely the most authentic original example to exist today and the only known factory catalogue Type 1 Surrey model with the fixed Surrey top and windshield. Sold new in 1905 to a Mr. Fodor of Norwalk, Connecticut, this car would remain in the possession of the Fodor Family until 1992 when Manny Dragone purchased it from the Fodor family and shortly thereafter sold it to Louis Biondi of Connecticut where it would remain untouched again until our resent reacquisition. Having traveled very few miles in its life and never leaving Connecticut, this Type 1 is extremely well kept and in like new condition retaining all of its original upholstery, original Solar lamps, original Solar carbide generator etc..Mechanically it has been treated to a recent service with all new clutch linings, new transmission band linings, new tires and carburetor rebuild. It runs extremely well as a low mileage original car should. The original surrey top with its exposed wood ribs and the original wood windshield are incredible and really add to an already outstanding car. This is a two cylinder car that will be well received at any concours for show or can be driven at high speeds for touring. Very seldom is a car from 1905 this original and this well preserved. This is one of the best unrestored original cars from this time period we have seen in a very long time. If you are looking for a big two cylinder car and one that is incredibly original with great provenance than this is the car for you. Contact us today for more information.